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February Pick Up Info!

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

****EDIT 2/11: We are closely monitoring the weather for this weekend. At this time, we are still planning to do our Saturday red bag pick-up. However if the roads are unsafe for our volunteers, we will cancel. Stay tuned... ****

It's hard to believe our first pick up of the new year is only a couple of weeks away. Mark your calendars and set your reminders -- our drivers will be picking up your red bags on Saturday, FEBRUARY 13th using safety precautions as we have in previous months' pick ups.

Following are the important details about our upcoming pick up day:

  • If you will be missing Saturday February 13th's pick up, please be sure to email us to let us know so we do not stop by your home. If you've already notified us and received a confirmation back, you do not need to notify us again.

  • You may use your reusable ASG red bag for this pickup. If you didn't grab a replacement bag after dropping off at the food bank in December, feel free to use another type of bag but please clearly mark it with "ASG" so our drivers know it's okay to take from your porch!

  • If our volunteer drivers do not find a bag waiting at your address, they will not ring or knock on your door. Just a friendly reminder to please make sure it's outside by 9am. :)

  • NO Sunday or Monday make up days this month. If you do not have your bag out on your porch by 9:00am Saturday, or it's missed, we regret we will be unable to pick it up later. You may either drop it off directly at the food bank (details below), or wait until our next pickup day.

  • If you'd prefer to drop your bag off directly to The Salvation Army's (TSA) food bank instead of having us pick it up on February 13th, feel free to do so, but please email us to let us know you will not need pickup at your home. TSA has a cart outside their front office door for drop offs. They're located at 3001 R Avenue, and their regular office hours are Mon - Thurs, 9am-4pm (closed 12-1pm for lunch). Replacement red bags for next time are available just inside TSA's office door in their lobby.

  • Current Food Shortages: Jams/jellies, meals-in-a-can (ravioli-o/spaghetti-o, canned stews, pork & beans), Spam, Ensure-type drinks, graham crackers, single serving coffee packets (NOT K-cups), sardines.

(Please note, the food bank still has plenty of the following, and does NOT NEED:

Tuna, canned veggies.)

Special Request: **Please remember these are EXTRA items to add to your bag should you choose. Otherwise, please focus on food shortages.** February's special request is for Toiletries (full sized items are preferable): Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, tooth floss, toothbrushes, deodorant, toilet paper, lotion, etc.

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