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A Simple Gesture Anacortes Receives Award for Exemplary Community Service

In January, 2018  Sue Monaghan and A Simple Gesture received the ‘Others’ Award from The Salvation Army for the work that they have been doing in Anacortes to feed the hungry.   Since the Salvation Army started in Anacortes in 1906, it has handed out this top award only three times, including the one for A Simple Gesture. It is the highest award that the Salvation Army hands out and it is given for exemplary service in the community.  Sue Monaghan and her team were honored to receive this prestigious award.  Sue credited  the success of A Simple Gesture to the 100+ volunteers and 700+ donors who give of their time and donations so generously.

Since A Simple Gesture began collecting food for the community,  The Salvation Army has not needed to spend additional money to buy food to make up for shortages.  The money that was budgeted for buying food is now being used to help those who need additional financial help.

During the presentation, several community leaders indicated that food donations through a Simple Gesture were making a difference in the community. One great example is the food donated to Cap Sante High School.  The donated food has made a profound difference in the lives of the students.  When the students are fed, their grades improve, and  they are able to focus on their work.

This award would not have been possible without the generous donors and volunteers of Anacortes.  We thank you all for your participation and generous contributions to A Simple Gesture.

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